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  1. zuhur Mar 25, 2010

    It been a while in this group
    It's still the same like always

  2. mick-klaassen Feb 25, 2010

    oh yes i should accept you :P

  3. simply-5th-heirloom Jan 24, 2010

    hello to all members and admin...

    im still an aspirant member,

    but i just acme to say hi...

  4. mick-klaassen Dec 16, 2009

    well i made you admin because i knew i was going to leave a moment
    so i thought i make one of you admin

  5. weird12u Nov 30, 2009

    hmm, when did i become a administrator? last time i checked i was only a moderator o.0

    ah well >.> i should prolly start getting this place active

  6. zuhur Aug 11, 2009


  7. mick-klaassen Aug 08, 2009

    it's quiet here lol

  8. zuhur Aug 02, 2009

    I'm fine.........

  9. mick-klaassen Aug 01, 2009

    whuahahaha hey zuhur,
    and the others ofcourse
    how are you all?

  10. zuhur Jul 25, 2009


  11. mick-klaassen Jun 28, 2009

    sorry for the late reply zuhur but i cant go on the computer whenever i want
    thanks zuhur
    i'm fine and you?
    yup thanks weird12u

  12. weird12u Jun 28, 2009

    ay, stopped by for a visit... turns out it'll be a long while till i am back so in the mean time... have a nice day ^^ lurve to you all :)

  13. zuhur Jun 24, 2009

    Hello all
    Well, i will try make thread

    merged: 06-24-2009 ~ 01:35pm
    How are you all ?

    merged: 06-24-2009 ~ 01:35pm

  14. mick-klaassen Jun 22, 2009

    shoot i cannot make a new thread wil please someone else make a thread?

  15. zuhur Jun 15, 2009

    That's a good ideal to advertise for mt-haven

  16. mick-klaassen Jun 08, 2009

    any of you done anything fun?
    and please come with ideas
    i'm out

    merged: 06-12-2009 ~ 10:58pm
    i'm going to advertise for mt-haven

  17. zuhur Jun 08, 2009

    Yes, it's already finished "Mick"

  18. mick-klaassen Jun 07, 2009

    may i ask if this scene is finished?

  19. zuhur Jun 04, 2009

    lol....*kiss too*

  20. zuhur Jun 04, 2009're my friend....~.~

  21. zuhur Jun 04, 2009

    yes ofcourse........

  22. zuhur Jun 03, 2009


  23. zuhur Jun 03, 2009

    Hi too.......

  24. zuhur Jun 03, 2009


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